A little introduction…

Hello there! Welcome to you, having stumbled upon my little corner of the internet. You will find piles of yarn, lots of cushions, wheelchairs, crutches, canes, and a shit tonne of coffee. Freshly ground, preferably, with two sugars and a small amount of lacto free milk.

I’m a disabled crafter. My top love is crochet (okay, yarn in general), but I’m easily sucked in to any craft. I can’t help it (I plead to my bank manager regularly).

With this blog I’m hoping to express myself with words and pictures depicting how the different areas of my life combine and, frequently, clash. I’ll be talking about yarn, because yarn should always be talked about, crochet, my health conditions, learning to love myself with limited abilities, and learning where to push and where to stop. But also – yarn.

I’ve used the word ‘cripple’ here. I know this word is prone to causing raised eyebrows, but that’s why I’m using it. I’m reclaiming it, as a disabled person. I’m owning that word. I’m a cripple – and? I’m sure I’ll post more about this at another time, but for now, know that this has been my joy.


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