Accepting My Limits

It seems odd, I’m sure, to start a blog with a post that has a negative feel, and yet that is the reality of how things are.

In the last two years I have started to lose my vision and as such have had to adjust how, if, when and why I craft. I’ve had to make a lot of craft sacrifices, things that may sound bizarre to people who don’t craft, but, as an example, I can no longer work with sock yarn. And I do love sock yarn. It’s always so beautiful and comforting to work with. Now I live vicariously through others, making socks and shawls and the sort, sulking slightly, but cooing more. I’m very lucky to have so many talented crafting friends, and knowing that something pretty will happen even if I’m not capable of doing it myself, is comforting in a strange way.

I can no longer knit. One of my health conditions make the movement difficult, and again, sight wise, struggle to see with the movement.

I can’t sew any longer. My sewing machine glares at me every time I move past it, and internally I mutter, “I know, I know, I’m sorry….” as I head to the yarn instead.


This means I have more time for crochet.

I’ve been finding what I can do with my limited sight and movement. I rely a lot on touch for my crochet and it’s a whole new way to craft. As a long term goal, I want to find a way to help other visually impaired people to crochet. But that is very long term – again, accepting my limits is knowing that right now I am spending a lot of time bed bound, and padding myself out with cushions to be able to manage a few stitches on my current WIP (let’s pretend there’s just one rather than a dozen here).

I’ve been selling a lot of the crafting things I cannot use any more. That’s been this curious balance between cleansing and heart wrenching at the same time. It’s an odd sensation, packaging up things that I dearly love. My other half has tried to say to me that having a clear out is a wonderful thing, being the minimalist he is. I raise an eyebrow and build my yarn fort higher.

Photo here is a simple beret in Truly Hooked “Electric Peacock”.


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