Current WIP

If you’ve turned up on this blog post because of the tag “WIP” alone, I fear you might be sadly mistaken. Ahem. 

This is my current work in progress (WIP) that I’m working on. And by working on I mean “I actually have 12 other projects on the go but I’m paying attention to this one right now because of novelty factor”. Though I have set myself the goal of completing it before I start anything else. Yeah, my yarn laughed at me too. 

It’s a very simple pattern, available as a free Ravelry download, called” Mostly Harmless “. It’s in US terms, but very easy to translate as you need to know DC (SC to those in the US) and how to chain one. That’s it. 

I decided I wanted something portable to carry around with me and this was a fab choice. Because it’s so straight forward it’s fab for flare days when I can hardly think, but it’s also effective in appearance almost immediately so if, like me, you need instant reward for your work at times, it’s brilliant. 

I always have a portable WIP on the go. It’s possibly one of the reasons I end up with so many WIPs is that I get to a point where they get too big and become ” at home” projects. But needing something I can carry around with me is important. I have a selection of reusable bags, and if something can fit in that, it’s a good portable project! I just put the bag in my wheelchair back and off we go. Then I have it for bus journeys or social times (as most of my friends are also crafters) and can continue to work on it on the move. 

This is great as I get it done quicker, but also is a productive, soothing way of keeping my anxiety in check. Often buses are a guarantee of making me feel stressed, but if I know I’ve got my yarn with me then it takes a portion of stress away. Not all of it, and I still feel that base line anxiety that travel brings out in me, but if nothing else it gives me some control back, making the choice to use my time in a certain way, and that is empowering. Also, let’s face it; being on public transport takes up a huge chunk of my time, being unable to drive. Might as well use it! 

Whilst I would consider myself a reasonably skilled crocheter, I do have a love for straightforward projects. Because my conditions fluctuate, and I can never guarantee how I will be the next day, knowing that I’m doing something fairly repetitive is, again, another adaption I’ve had to make to keep myself crafting. I have crafting targets of course, but also give myself permission for those targets to not be met because my illnesses have prevented it. 

Though you can’t get away with using that excuse for laziness when you’re telling yourself. Because your brain knows. So pro tip, fellow crafting cripples – only tell that crap to other people! 

On a serious note though, having portable projects for me is an absolute must. I get twitchy when travelling if I don’t have yarn (though having been a hooker for so long now it’s unlikely to happen any more). And I am an awfully anxious traveller. 

So save your sanity; hook in public!


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