Online Friends

There is still a bit of a stigma towards how real friendships can be formed online. It’s lowering, but is still there nonetheless. However as it turns out, some of the best friends I have ever had have started – and some only stayed – online.

When you are a spoonie and don’t get out as much as maybe you’d like to, the loneliness that sets in is oppressive, so dense you can almost touch it around you. Online friends are the light through that darkness so often. There are people I love and would do anything for that I have never met face to face. There are people who I’ve met once or twice who know me better than members of my family. There are also those friendships who started online who became regular ‘real life’ friends. Again, those people are some of those I know I can lean on, and who can lean on me in return, no questions asked.

This post is dedicated to my online retreat. To the place that in my mind is full of sofas and cushions and yarn and laughter and – of course – gin. Where we chat for hours about everything and nothing, where we cry together, kick each other up the bum when needed, hug one another, and more than anything else, support each other regardless. Support is the only thing that matters. We keep each other going. They keep me going, possibly more than they will ever understand. They are people I am proud to be counted as one of, people I am honoured to know. They are my people, my second family, my clan.

And I love them.


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