This cripple hates the snow

I’m a misery. Feel free to tell me so. And I’ll never admit it to LittleCrafter.

But I hate the snow.

It’s cold, it’s confusing for my eyes, my wheelchair skids everywhere if I have to go out in it, public transport gets cancelled because we panic about a few flakes here in England…. All in all, it’s just stress and discomfort with a little bit of “PRETEND YOU LOVE THIS” false happiness thrown in. 

I. Hate. Snow. 

LittleCrafter is bouncing off the walls with excitement about it, and I’m doing lots of “I know sweetie, isn’t it fabulous!” whilst hiding under a blanket and hoping it fucks off soon. 

My wheelchair is a good chair, but no wheelchair likes the snow. And I still have some vision but my eyes can’t process the change in everything when it’s snowing. My pain is bad in the cold and I get more numbness in my extremities. I have to pad myself up with all my supports and splints and cushions and blankets and gin just to handle it snowing outside. 

So basically, snow can sod off very much, thank you. 

Please see included my snow survival kit. There will possibly be yarn happening too but right now I’m too busy stuffing my face to manage that. The calories don’t count because the snow made me do it. 

Guess it has a use after all.


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