Completed project! – Pale rainbow star blanket

This blanket has taken me a fair while to finish because with my health being so bad right now, I’ve only been able to work on it in small bursts. It’s always quite heavy working on a blanket, which at times is really therapeutic – like having your own weighted blanket that grows as you go! – or at other times is too much for my body to take because my skin is super sensitive to textures, temperatures and weight. 

So whilst I’ve been so ill I’ve been mainly working on smaller, light weight projects, such as the scarf I showed a few posts back. But I decided this afternoon to finish it, as there was half a row to go and goddammit I’m stubborn. 

So here’s the finished blanket. It’s in Aran yarn (which I find easier to work with being VI) with a 5mm hook, and is a really super duper fancy yarn from…. Pound Stretchers. Yes seriously. Whilst I love hand dyed yarn (which my bank balance will attest to), I make a lot of blankets for charity, and so knowing good acrylic yarns is a must. This has finished really nicely. LitteCrafter will be blocking it for me later – I have begun teaching early – and then it will be going off to do some good.



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