Crafting goals – making progress and the never ending crochet tube

Do you ever remember being made to do goal setting at school? I do, and the thought of it still makes me want to grit my teeth. I hated doing it. I was always worried I wouldn’t manage to achieve the goal, that I’d look like a fool, and let people down. Spot the insecurity complex a mile off, can’t you?

In my adult life I am trying to locate a love for in, along with lists and generally organizing my backside. Setting goals through my craft is one way I’m trying to get rid of those traumatized child memories and see they it can actually be useful.

This year the big crafting goal is making myself a jumper. I’ve found a few patterns that don’t terrify me too much, and feel like that they might actually be possible. I decided that I should try something similar but not so overwhelming as a step towards this, and so started work on a poncho. It’s a pattern I’ve been thinking about for a while, and wanting to try, but have hesitated for several reasons. I bit the bullet however, and so started work on a rolled neck poncho.

I started off very enthusiastically about this. However, as it turns out, the beautiful effect of a rolled neck means making The Never Ending Tube. The Never Ending Tube goes on forever and ever and makes you question why you ever wanted to crochet anything, let along The Never Ending Tube. Also it should be mentioned that the bugger appears to keep shrinking each time you measure it. It needed to be 13 inches. But I swear down that last inch was about a mile long.

Also, every teenage boy everywhere would be horrified to find out what 13 inches actually looks like.

I managed to make it past the wall of The Never Ending Tube, and began the expansions. This, I have found, actually starts to feel logical, once a few rounds have been done, along with a notepad and pen to keep note. It’s also encouraged me to think that possibly the jumper will be done this year.

Although it will NOT have a roller neck.


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