The perks of being a cripple

Being disabled is crap, yes, I think that’s easily established, but what about the little joys that come from it?
Today I was on the bus in my chair, with my yarn, and a pattern to follow, and found the bar running alone the window was the perfect height to hold my notebook. Handy that my notebook was also stiff enough to hold itself upright <snort> and in place. 

Cafe workers will offer to clear a space for you – as they should morally, really, but it’s lovely all the same. Having drinks brought over to the table for you is also a massive plus. It’s good for me but also good for business as I will go back to the places that make my life easier. 

One of my closest friends will say she can’t possibly sit on a bar stool as I might be bringing my wheelchair when we meet for drinks. This has nothing to do with the possibility of me bringing my chair and everything to do with the fact she hates bar seats and prefers having a table. 

Having a roller ball cane is useful for when people are being arseholes, as I can focus on ankles and hit them. Sometimes, it really is worth the effort. (Most of the times I bang into people are complete accidents and due yo being VI…. Or are they? Hmm…)

Let’s not forget that being in a wheelchair means you’re guaranteed a seat wherever you go. And you can use your lap as a trolley. And you can sneak coffee in everywhere by hiding it behind your handbag. Possibly my favourite perk right there.

Life is crap sometimes with all this to deal with, and you have to find the little moments that make you laugh and smile. You have to find the things to keep you going. It would be so easy to give up with everything being as overwhelming as it is, and when I’m in a dark place, it’s these little moments of laughter that get me through the darkness. 

Am looking forward to being well enough to go for drinks again, to see what we refuse because there’s a cripple amongst us again. 


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