Half way point

Half way through a blanket! 

I am one of those crafters who is guilty of always having multiple projects on the go. Normally there are four categories to these projects:

  1. Something portable to take around with me.
  2. Something I need to concentrate on.
  3. Something completely mindless but lovely to relax with. 
  4. Oh! Look! I need to do something with this yarn immediately!

This falls under category two, so I’m only working on when my brain, body and eyes are all cooperative. It’s coming along quite nicely, and I’m enjoying making it up as I go, but is involving a balance between planning and winging it. 

Although admittedly that is one of my favourite ways to work. 

With my limited vision I am reduced to what I can manage crochet wise. Granny square and granny stripe is something I can still manage, as I can crochet by feel. Because it’s in a cluster of three each time or a single stitch at the end, I can feel the stitches, and know if it’s right or not. I always use join as you go for the same reason. Because this project is a mixture of stripes and squares in different sizes it has involved waiting for good eye and brain days but nevertheless is enjoyable. There is something so comforting about the granny squares and stripes, it gives a sense of calm already to me, even before it’s completed (and I’m making it myself). 

This is how things are with this project tonight, I’d love to see how some of your WIPs are doing!


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