Crafting a crafting space

When we last had to move, the only property we could find locally that had a garage for my wheelchair had three bedrooms. And so I am lucky enough to have a craft room. 
Until the last few months I confess it has been used mainly for craft storage and for the blocking of items. I owe my craft room an apology here because it is a wonderful room and shouldn’t have been neglected. 

Now however I have an armchair (I need a foot rest, am thinking either a storage cushion or one of those big circular poofs), the room is more organized than it was, I have a kettle and hot drink making area. In the process of organizing the room I have realised I’ve been stocking up preparing for a world washi tape shortage, but we’ll skip that point. 

My crafting space is now a crafting space. It is not just a room to shut the door on. It is cosy, it is comfy. It is safe. And when you feel cosy, comfy and safe, you are more likely to create beautiful things. Yes I am a hippie at heart, and I feel it is important to have a little safe area where your creativity can explode. Regardless of whether this is a room, a cushion, your side of the sofa, a place you go in your mind when you are crafting or the bag you carry your craft in, finding that crafting space – that is magical. 


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