Today’s daily prompt was the word “apprentice”. I felt drawn to it as, in so many ways, I feel like an apprentice, as I never feel quite competent enough to be sure I really am anything at all.

I feel like I’m still learning how to be a mother.
How to be a wife.
How to be visually impaired.
How to be a feminist.
How to write.
How to be chronically ill.

Bloody hell I could list another dozen things here and I don’t think I’d be finished. There’s so many things I’m still learning.

For fear of sounding like a hipster who has been drinking organic unicorn piss beer all day, I am an apprentice of the world.

There will be things I will never learn ‘enough’ at, because of things I cannot change. But… If I have reached my limit – MY limit, not that of someone else – am I still an apprentice, or am I simply ‘there’, at that place I will never get beyond? And does that make it enough to be sure of myself?

When do you finish being an apprentice at life? Do you get to a point when it all makes sense, or is it merely stumbling through forever, and getting better at locating the good coffee?

Maybe I am at least partially a hipster at heart, but I swear down anyone who serves my coffee in a chemistry set will soon find themselves covered in it.


via Daily Prompt: Apprentice


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