For the many, not the few

“Strong and stable”

We keep hearing these words, along with “in the national interest” repeated over and over again, almost as if there aren’t any other words she can think of saying. “ERM. Strong and stable! National interest. Stable. Strong… Much strong! Many interest. Stable. Strong. Strong, stable, stable, strong.” <nods and points> 

But how on earth are any of those things true? 

Taking lunches away from children, from the poorest children, the ones who have been driven to food bank meals because of Tory cuts – and let’s not even type out that full number because I’ll wear out the number keys on my keypad. (By the way, Simon Kirby hasn’t released his standing on this, whilst all other local major party representatives have made it clear they disagree with this. Looking at you Kirby. Though by his voting record this is hardly surprising.)

Bringing back fox hunting?? Is that really a) a priority, b) in the slightest something we should be focuing on, and c) IT’S 2017. TWENTY FUCKING SEVENTEEN. How on earth are we even still talking about whether it is okay to glam up, jump on a horse and allow dogs to chase and maul a wild animal to death?

Talking of which, even today we’re now cool with ivory hunting apparently. Have I walked right in to the shit parts of an Austen novel? 

That might be accurate seeing as the gap between rich and poor is feeling ever more pronounced. Tax cuts for the rich, and benefit cuts for the poor. Because the poor now is what used to be every day people. The working poor, we’re called now. 

In a Facebook rant, Mrs May sounded more like The Great Orange in D.C. with every sentence, almost as though she’d absorbed his every word on twitter as a guide book for How To Talk Like A Dictator. 

It really is a shame that as a woman, the two female PMs we’ve had to record have both been hell bent on destroying those who are not worthy. “First they came for the socialists” rings in my ears with every cut of the knife and I wonder just how many cuts it will take to hack away at the body of this country before we realize we’re bleeding all over the furniture of the world. 

You might not like Corbyn. But this is bigger than one man and one vote. This is our future, and with that cross on a piece of paper, we can either vote to help the many or the few. We can help those in need now or in the future. We can make sure education, healthcare, social care, emergency services, all have the funding they need. We can make sure Boris Johnson doesn’t singlehandedly destroy any foreign negotiations. We can prevent so much, preserve so much, protect so much. 

Deeds not words. 

For the many, not the few. 


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