I’m tired today. I’m tired of being in pain. I’m tired of the world being destroyed by hate. I’m tired of the stress of all the “what ifs” that float around. I’m tired of knowing there isn’t unlimited time, and yet no ability to use the time. I’m tired of crappy doctors. I’m tired of appointments. I’m tired of medications and their side effects, but knowing I can’t have any form of existence without them. I’m tired of not having choices. I’m tired of my demons. Goodness knows I’m tired of my brain. I’m tired of flashbacks and nightmares. I’m tired of running on empty. I’m tired of not being able to move, yet not being able to stay still. I’m tired of wanting to be better. I’m tired of being stuck. I’m tired of sleep never being refreashing. I’m tired of there being no peace. I’m tired of counting sheep. I’m tired of justifying myself.



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