Brain Fog

When it is foggy outside, it clouds shapes, smudges edges and makes directing yourself difficult. Working out exactly where you were aiming, or what you are seeing, is tricky, and you somehow have to try and muddle through it all. When you get a break in the fog, it all becomes a bit clearer for a bit and you feel almost silly for being confused by a bit of vapor.

Now apply this sensation to your brain.

Trying to find words, forgetting things completely, getting things confused, things blurring together, the frustration of knowing there is SOMETHING you are supposed to know, but you simply don’t know it. You know?

Brain Fog is an acknowledged symptom of various health conditions, and is something that, whilst it can be explained to a degree, cannot be fully understood unless it has been experienced. It’s a very odd sensation, feeling like your brain is full of cotton wool, wrapped about all the parts you need to function.

And of course, because life simply works that way, this symptoms seems to like to present itself the most when you actually need to use your mind. Such as today, when on the phone to a doctor, and I forgot a key word, rendering a whole part of the conversation irrelevant. It came back to me three hours later.

So – if you know someone with brain fog as a symptom, be patient.

If you are someone with brain fog, be patient with yourself. If you can work out how to do so.


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