Caron Cakes – review

Like a large amount of the crafting community, I have been sucked in by the latest yarn craze of cakes. I’m looking forward to testing out a few of the other brands, but for now, I’ve tested out Caron Cakes. 

It’s been great fun. I must say I’m loving every single colourway Caron have currently got, and there’s a fair few! They’re wonderfully soft, with a fantastic balance of acrylic and wool (80% acrylic and 20% wool) which makes perfect for squishing. 

The yarn consistency is great. There are no thick and thin bits, which can sometimes be an issue with varigated and colour changes in yarns. I also haven’t yet come across any knots or breaks in the Cakes I’ve used, and although I admit that may be down to luck, from experience I have always found Caron a great brand for this. 

The only concern I had originally was the blunt colour changes. However in fact I think this has actually worked in its favour, as the blocks of colour it has resulted in have been really plesant, and certainly have encouraged me to want to test out more of the colourways. 

I hesitated to the beginning considering the price point. Again, I have certainly changed my view point as the one Cake has been able to provide a whole item that is not only comfortable to wear but is long enough to be practical.

All in all, I think Caron have done a wonderful job with these, and think they will be fantastic for yarn to make things as gifts and ALL THE THINGS for myself. 

Can’t wait to test out some more brand of cakes!


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