Procraftination: it is a thing. You know how you plan to do all those things, or finish all those already started things that you’ve lost interest in? Or how you’re supposed to be doing something dull and boring and adulty but you end up making a hat instead? Procraftination. 

It’s certainly a phenomenon, but is it an issue, or simply the way the mind of a crafter works? Creative types tend to be a little bit less rigid with their plans (even if the perfectionist balances this out), so maybe it’s just who we are. 

Sometimes my partner will ask me what I’ve done for the day, and I have to answer that honestly, all I’ve done is search through patterns online for hours. I could win an award for the amount of patterns I see and decide I’m making, then start something else. It is a little ridiculous, but, alas, I am a Ravenclaw, so I can’t help it. 

I do think procractination has its benefits though. Without it, so many patterns wouldn’t exist. Projects wouldn’t be started or completed. Craft spaces would not be sorted. Beauty would not be made. As much as I’d love to claim to be organized (I am in theory, but then in my mind I’m also three dress sizes smaller and four inches taller) my brain simply has too many tangents to follow. All it takes is a word, and my brain locates a book reference, a song lyric, the colour it is and what pattern it reminds me of. Sounds cool – is actually useless. Does however put me firmly in the procraftination box. 

It doesn’t matter whether you have one project on the go or a dozen; roll with whatever the creative juices are flowing your way. What’s the worst that can happen? I still have seven projects on the go, but my mind is planning goodness knows how many more, even as I type. 

Picture is a pile of yarn I’ve been meaning to wind for weeks, but….. Procraftination. 


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