Creating  is one of the most wonderful things I know. In a way it doesn’t matter what you’re creating, as long as the creation happens. My number one method of creating is with yarn, and there is something truly magical of watching what is effectively a ball of string turn into something, whether that be a scarf, a hat, a teddy, a blanket square, or one of the other millions of things you can crochet.

When you create something, it is so much more than just being about you. In a philosophical mindset, you are giving back to the world. We live in a very consumerist society, where taking is the default position. To return that, well – it’s quite awesome, to be honest.

There is also something so utterly heart warming about creating something for someone else. When you pick a gift for someone from a shop or store, it comes of course with all the love and effort you have put into it. But when you craft something for someone, or purchase something handcrafted, you are giving something made of magic and love itself. You are putting something, full of your time and energy and passion, out into the world, and passing it on to spread some happiness to other people.

Yes I know all of this sounds very cheesy. I never claimed to be either sane or sensible. But I truly believe that creating things, big or small, cheap or expensive, done in minutes or months; everything that is created is a work of art.

I’m currently working on this rainbow star baby blanket, which is so bright and cheery, the magic of creating something is really lifting me up. Knowing it will be wrapped around another human being (surely the most incredible creation of all) is a happy thought. I am loving these colours, and the yarn, which is Caron Simply Soft, is a yarn I’ve already mentioned loving working with.

In a previous post or several I’ve mentioned how crochet has really helped turn my life around, and it remains as true as ever. Even during periods of severely ill health, even if I can only manage a few stitches at a time, crochet keeps me smiling and letting out my creativity, which really makes the world a brighter place. Knowing I’m producing something tangible with my time is such a positive note for me.

So whether you make things every day, or whether you’ve decided to try something today for the first time – KEEP GOING! Let it move you and inspire you. Test new things! Don’t be afraid. Creativity has no limits.

Shout out to Cherry Plum Tree for the absolute beautiful creations I’m using to help my own creative happiness bloom. This wonderful yarn bag and matching purse to hold all my yarny bits makes me smile almost as much as crochet itself. I get comments on the bag as much as my own makes when I’m out and about, and there’s something wonderful about knowing you’re using someone else’s handmade wonders to hold your own. Stay wonderful Cherry Plum Tree ❤


via Daily Prompt: Create


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