Two finished projects!

I’m either on a roll or ill, but either way I’ve finished two projects in twenty four fours. 

The first was this gorgeous (I’m biased but it’s true!) baby blanket a friend commissioned that was an absolute joy to make. It took exactly a week, is made out of Caron Simply Soft and is so cheerful I almost wanted to put it on my wall instead. Am happy to type up the colour combo and the pattern if anyone would like them. 

The second item I’ve completed… This has been a labour of love. I’ve been working on it for longer than I care to admit, in drips and drabs, loving the yarn and knowing the finished item will be worth it, but also wishing it would magically complete itself! It still needs blocking to show off each of the many points (the curled side shown) but that will have to wait as it’s SW Merino and I need some wool soak. However it still shows off the yarn so beautifully I’m thrilled with it even now. This is approximately 160g of two skeins dyed by one of my favourite independent dyers in a colourway themed on one of my favourite things. I wonder if anyone can guess. <strokes owl>

Now I just need to wait for cooler weather to enjoy it. That’s the only downside to being a crafter – you make so many things you love, most of which can only be used for half the year!


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