For The Love Of Carers

In the UK alone, 1 in 8 people are carers for family and friends. This is backbreaking, heartbreaking, unpaid work, stretching people to the limit. On top of the stress of everyday life, these people do something extraordinary, with little praise, acknowledgement or support.

Carers Allowance provides another challenge in itself, and something that should be helpful to carers causes almost more issues than being without it, putting people off applying for it, either because of the possible reduction of finances rather than balancing them, or because of the sheer confusion surrounding it. Getting exactly numbers, and information on what, where, how and who is sometimes just more stress to process. The system shouldn’t be this way, and thankfully there are several organizations out there working to help change it, and to guide people through the confusion.

I blog mainly about my health conditions and my non too shabby yarn collection, but the well being of carers is something very dear to my heart. My husband is my carer, and I have friends who are carers. Along with the struggles of being someone who needs caring for, we can’t lose sight of the amazing carers who give so much of themselves to keep us afloat. Without them life would be hard, and impossible, for so many people. And to make sure that life continues to function, they are often forced to sacrifice their own well being, risking physical and mental pain.

Whilst this may just be a little post on a little blog, thank you to all the carers out there. I love you, and you are all incredible.


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