New project! 

The logical thing to do when you have things you’ve been commissioned to make is, of course, to find a pattern you love and have to start IMMEDIATELY.

I’m working in Caron Simply Soft again in Ocean, which is a beautiful shade, and, like all Simply Soft, has a lovely sheen to it. This time I’m following a pattern from “Modern Crochet Shawls and Wraps” by Laura Strutt. It’s a fabulous book with endless patterns I want to make, using a selection of yarns, including acrylics which always makes  me happy, as I feel it’s a good thing to put across patterns as accessible to all people. 

I’m working with a Drops Circus crochet hook and considering they’re under £2 per hook, they’re really lovely to work with. There are several ways of holding crochet hooks – and the working yarn, and personally I find mine most comfortable as below. 

Finding which way is most comfortable to hold your hook is really worth experimenting with, as it puts a lot of people off at the beginning being unsure about if they’re doing it “right”. Thing is, as long as you get the crochet to work for you, and you’re comfortable, that’s what matters. 

That might sound like really preaching basics but sometimes it’s worth going back to those basics to make sure crochet is working for you as best it can. 

Anyway, a happy yarny post. 


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