A welcome to you all again

It’s been a while since I started, and I know thanks to a wonderful recent Facebook mention by the even more wonderfuler I Know I Need To Stop Talking (who cracks me up laughing at least once a day, and more if I see anything tea tree related), there have been many new views. So here’s a little hello especially for you!

Hi, I’m CCC – the Caffeinated Crafting Cripple. This little bit of the internet is somewhere I imagine filled with cushions and cozy booknooks and piles of yarn taller than me. Which is admittedly not very tall when I stand, let alone in my chair. Whilst drinking bloody good coffee, I post about my current projects, my life with my physical health and mental health conditions, and the combination of all of those things that got me to here today. I try to be witty but more than likely come across as just deeply sarcastic, which is also a fair reading. I love comments and sharing and feedback so please say hi! Swearing is encouraged. As is coffee. And yarn! And crippledom. 

Looking forward to getting to know you all! 


4 thoughts on “A welcome to you all again

      • Geneva is lovely today – last week was a different story – so cold and grey that I was was tempted to get my big woollen blanket out to crochet and huddle under. But luckily summer is back with us and I’m back to crocheting a little cotton shopping bag. Bonne journée

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