Caffeinated cripple, crafting on the road

Not literally on the road. That would be foolish. 

The advantage of being visually impaired is that Other Half has to do all the driving. Knackering for him, and I am ever grateful, but this also means road time is craft time. Little Crafter is occupied, currently, in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, so minimal parenting required. Aside from traffic, travel sickness, pain, map reading (okay sat nav duty) and general stress that travelling (with children…. ) involves, being in the car is almost therapeutic. 

I’ll do another post about today in itself, but right now I’m working on a new shawl / wrap, testing out new Stylecraft Candy Swirl in colourway ‘Apple Sours’. I’ve been craving this since the first picture was released, so when my local craft shop happened to have one remaining ball of it, and I in need of a travel project, love was born. 


I’m only a few inches in to the new pattern – “Lizard Shawl”, free pattern on Ravelry that I’ve been meaning to try for ages – but it’s working up beautifully. The yarn is even smoother and softer than Stylecraft Special DK, which is one of my all time go-to yarns. I can’t wait to see how it works up. I might need an IV of Red Bull to get to the first colour change. 

Coming in the next blog post – ridiculous things people said to me today, including “you’re lucky your husband didn’t just leave you there [in your wheelchair], mine would have!”. 

Mental response: well madam, your husband sounds like an arse. 

Actual response: polite smile.


2 thoughts on “Caffeinated cripple, crafting on the road

  1. Yay for crochet time! It’s roles reversed for us lately, I’m the one in the driving seat so no sneaky car-crochet.
    As an aside…. yes, woman’s husband sounds freaking delightful.


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