Little things – I made a cake!

It’s always those little things you’ve never even considered to be “things” that you miss when you are too unwell to do them. I mean, there’s the big stuff too, like, you know, walking. But all those little things add up. Having to rest after a phone call, having to use a travel mug for drinks because you shake too much to use nice mugs, slip on shoes because you can’t bend down, never having your naice glasses or eye make up showing because of light sensitivity….

As I said, I know they’re small things. But they do mean a lot. 

And this week, I made a cake!

Other Half turned 31 today, and I was determined – let alone nagged by Little Crafter – to make a cake. I was too ill to make one last year, so this year it WAS HAPPENING. 

It took endless energy and caused endless pain. I had to sit down many times during it, use an electrical mixer, and had to do the decoration the following day, but I made the bloody thing, and all to the colour requirements of Little Crafter. 

Next year if I mention here that I’m thinking of following Little Crafter’s instructions, remind me NOT TO. My hands will never be flesh coloured again. 

No, on a serious note, it is not a perfect cake. But it is the first cake I have been able to make in a long time. Little things. 


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