The Discrimination Toadstool

As a society, we’re getting Better. Better with  our actions and our activities. Or so we’re told. But in reality, our attitudes still suck.

Today I was told that not liking the term “crazy nutjob” was just ‘my opinion’. No. Not just my opinion, far more than than. It’s not wanting to live in a world where discrimination is tolerated. It’s thinking that people should respect others. It’s wanting mental illness to not be used as an insult. It’s thinking that if someone is an arsehole, call them an arsehole; don’t call them crazy.

Some people with mental illnesses are arseholes. Some arseholes have mental illnesses. Doesn’t mean that all arseholes have a mental illness, or that all those with mental illness are arseholes.

The person in question seems confused on that last point.

The problem is, I have explained this time and time again, and it is exhausting. Why on earth should I be treated like a piece of bubble gum – chewed, spat out, stepped on – because my brain has been damaged and distorted? It goes on so often and bloody hell it gets dull repeating myself.

The thing is, one in three people are going to deal with a period of mental illness in their lives, and in certain areas that number is higher. It is so common, and becoming more and more visible in our communities, so why is it still the case that some people are simply too narrow minded to see that the way your brain is behaving does not define you as ‘bad’?

I have no choice over having PTSD. It is a fact of my life. It is part of who I am, and I will be part of the one in three until the day I die, simply because of the condition I have. So what should I do; get out and live my life as best I can? Or hide inside so my ‘crazy’ doesn’t show or rub off (because just like being a cripple, it’s obviously contagious)? Well sorrynotsorry, if you can’t accept that some people are different to you, and need to resort to name calling and vocal spitting on the ground, the issue is very much yours, and not one you get to try and shame and shun with. Attitudes of being unable to accept differences just show how shallow you are, like a rock pool drowned of water, the little crab of your words hissing “narcissist! Narcissist!” on repeat, spinning in a circle, spouting the only mental health word you’ve been able to find on Wikipedia. A little poisonous toadstool trying to shoot its spores in a growing forest; the Discrimination Toadstool. You think you’re being clever throwing all that powder up in the air, but really you just haven’t read any moss books, other than “How To Say Everyone Else Is An Arsehole Whilst Being A Massive One Yourself”. Spore away, little spotty toadstool. You’ll run out soon enough, and all the happily growing – ‘crazy’ – mushrooms will roll their eyes at you whilst you shrink into the ground.

Think – who is *actually* the narcissist? Can you figure it out yet, crabby toadstool?


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