Time to recoup

Being ill is a full time job, and sometimes you need the equivalent of days off from it. Whilst there is no way to escape the symptoms entirely, finding peace and joy wherever you can, if only for a few moments, can really help

Right now, for instance, I have an errand to run; going to the bank to pay in money. But the bank isn’t open yet. And so I find myself in a  café that has recently opened, with fantastic disabled access, comfy chairs and a good coffee. I have my book with me, The Handmaids Tale, which I simply cannot put down, and am dreading finishing (always the sign of a good book). It’s quiet in here and I’ve found some seats which are as quiet as possible. I know what time I need to get the bus home; I know how much time I have to appreciate. 

This morning I spoke to one of my dearest friends, only for a short time, but I heard her voice and we laughed together, even though we’re both stressed. I love her so much and just speaking to her warms my heart. 

This may sound a bit like one of those “be grateful for something every day” things, and I’m not a big believer in that. What I do believe in however is finding a way to get through the days, even the tough ones that make you want to scream and sob. And if there is nothing big to make you smile – sometimes there just isn’t, and that’s okay! – then finding a little thing is the next place to look. 

Coffee. Friend. Chairs. Book. Peace. Laughter. Organized. Writing. 



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