Craft Sanctuary

Our rental contract is yearly, and upon finding out we were safe for another year, we set about doing another years worth of personalizing the house. It’s odd when you’re in a rented house; it’s your home, but not your property. Just like everyone, there’s ‘big’ things we’d change about the house if we had the opportunity, but we’re never going to be home owners unless we win the lottery (how interesting that it is now such a goal to own your home, but more musings on the political side of living when I’ve had more gin) so we are lucky to have a house which suits nearly all our needs.

As I’ve said before, I’m lucky that the spare room has been crafted into a craft room, full of happy things, and of all I need to be a happy crafter. It’s taken a little bit of work and time (surprisingly little money) but it’s now almost perfect. I do, however, need a new desk chair. Because as of TODAY, I have a new desk… <drumrolls>



If you ask Ikea it’s supposed to be a dining table, but apparently they neither have need for a craft desk, not a need to eat without your plate falling on the floor, but there we are. Regardless of what it’s “supposed” to be, it’s perfect for what I need, with enough space for almost anything I could imagine using it for. The sewing machine table is going for another life via a charity furniture shop, hopefully to someone who will love it and treat it well, and although I’d be lying if I said I won’t miss it, this is much better designed for what I will use my space for.

Having this place is not just wonderful for my crafting love but for my mental health. Having a little retreat I can come and hide in when my head is exploding is a really beautiful thing, and makes such a difference on the tough PTSD days. It also gives me something to focus on when I am feeling overwhelmed, and somewhere safe to remind myself of when the world is scary.

It is such a lucky thing, and I don’t take it for granted, that I have this space for me and for the things I love to create. It really is my sanctuary, and a happy place. As I touched on in Division of arts time I’ve been writing more lately, and again, this desk will be perfect to sit and type, with space for a cup of tea or glass of wine next to me, or to be writing in my journals, updating my craft projects to make and completed. All in all, it really is a huge privilege to have this space to myself. It’s also become somewhere Little Crafter likes to come and sit with me in, and those are becoming lovely little memories; me crocheting, Little Crafter reading next to me, both of us chatting as we do, and just spending some time “being” with each other, which is highly underrated.

Other Half hasn’t yet invaded.


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