Product reviews and my health

I might be bouncing up and down in my chair a little bit.

So far several lovely companies have agreed to partner with me and I wanted to share what I know at this point. The messages I’ve been sending have been personalised depending on who I am emailing, from cosmetics companies to clothing brands. As I’m typing this my hands are shaking, which very much proves my point that I’ve decided to dive in to investigating: how many products out there are actually disability suited?

With multiple health conditions, I have an advantage in this situation where I have a look in from various perspectives. Between wheelchair use, hugely sensitive and allergy prone skin, and fine motor skills, there are so many things I could investigate. And I plan to! I feel a bit like I should have a Inspector Gadget get up, although maybe my wheelchair would be far more interesting if I could shout GO GO CAFFEINE and the world would suddenly improve.

The first product I’m reviewing has arrived today, and I’ll be planning on getting that up in the next couple of days. It’s very exciting, and my son has been helping me plan out what I need, as well as enviously eyeing up the product itself. Keeping you in the dark for now, no apologies.


The journey to this point has been up and down, or maybe down and up; things in my life have improved somewhat, to the point I have the sheer nerve to think I have the right to speak my mind. Not that I’ve ever been one for staying quiet, exactly, but knowing that I feel my disabled perspective is a valid perspective has been a journey. Powerful, tiring, painful, and wonderful.

So, thank you to the people have supported me every step along the way, and thank you to the companies that have taken a chance on me so far. I can’t wait to watch this grow.

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