Product Review – Garnier Intensive 7 Days Body Lotion

Hello! And welcome to the first of very many product reviews. If you didn’t read my disability reviews project introduction, you can find it over here, but I’ll still be doing a bit of a brief talk of how this is going to run at the beginning of every post, at least until we get into a rhythm.

So these are product reviews, but not as you know them! Each product will be looked at as a product and how it functions to do what it said, but also how it works for disabled people. From shaky hands to bladder weaknesses, I’ll be giving all angles a good try at representation to the best of my abilities, using my limitations as examples of what we need more of, and what we need to see changing.

This is a brand new jump for me, so I’ll be learning as I go, but that’s the beauty of blogging. And, having posted my 100th blog post on my other blog AndOnSheReads this week, I think I’m in a place where this could really happen. I’m so passionate about making sure we have not just representation, but quality products that we can be completely sure will work for us. When things are advertised as disabled friendly, then you got to try or use it, and know for sure that a disabled person has had nothing to do in the design? It’s the worst. So let’s break. it. down.

So, product number one!

Garnier Body “Intensive 7 Days Ultra-Replenishing Lotion” for Very Dry Skin

This wasn’t a gift from a company, but it was a gift from a friend who recommended it when I was talking about both this project, and the fact I really struggle finding good body lotion that works on extra sensitive skin. It came with high praise, so high that I bought the hand myself before this had even arrived. At 400ml, the bottle is quite large but not “oh my god this is a sink” size, and the mild hourglass shape given to it allows for better grip. It does have a scent, but not a strong or offensive one, and certainly not one that triggered my migraines, even when I had it on my face.

Product Review and Rating

While I did really want to like this product, I found it a bit of a let down for “very dry skin”. It claims seven days as a magic number, both for feeling a difference and for feeling absorption, and while I’ll probably continue to use it on my feet, I certainly won’t on my face. Within two days of stopping my previous product and switching to this one, my face was really sore and red again. Flaking like a lizard, as my son oh so lovingly put it.

Even on not so sensitive areas like my feet, the quality of the hydration was okay, but not something to rave about. I do have to add that the fast absorbing properties the front of the bottle claims are absolutely true and really quite brilliant; I would, for example, recommend this for someone who is constantly on the go and never has time to let things soak in. Within minutes you can’t feel it on the top of your skin. It just feels really smooth.

Because of all of this combined, as a product rating, I’m giving this 3/5 stars.

Accessibility Review

This is definitely a pros and cons product when it comes to disability. The bottle is on the taller side but is also very thin, which, combined with the hourglass shape I mentioned, made it easier for me with my hand spasms to pick up and carry. The weight of the bottle when full is distributed evenly although I can’t say how it would feel at, say, half full.

What I didn’t like was how thing the lotion was. Rather than having some solidity to the content, it really was very liquid, and slid around my hand as I tried to close the lid. The lid itself is my second main accessibility problem; it’s tiny and fussy. With the hourglass shape, the top sweeps back up to a small lid which doesn’t unscrew. On top of that is an even smaller flip lid which is probably only the width of a finger. It’s a very secure lid, but in being so secure, it makes it harder to access from my perspective. The small flip lid digs into my thing skin, and to then balance the oddly (but beautifully) shaped bottle while lotion is sliding over your hands… Not a great image.

The fact it is quickly absorbed is brilliant for mobility, meaning there’s no concern about applying to the feet for example and then having to get to the bathroom; it just isn’t slippy. I’m not suggesting you try ice skating with it, but if continence is one of your concerns when using beauty products, then this is a great one to try.

The pros and the cons add up to an accessibility 3/5 stars for me.


To summarize, not the best body lotion but very far from the worst. It absorbs nicely, the smell is mild, it’s very good quality price wise. However if you need large lids for fine motor skills, or time to move things one handed, I would say give this one a miss.

Come back again soon when we’ll be looking at another product – I’ve had some brilliant gifted items I can’t wait to share with you!

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