Spoonie Survival -Summer Musts

Hello and welcome back to CCC for another disability focused post. My last post looked at the wonderful Wild Deodorant and just how wonderful it was to not sweat or smell as the temperature is increasing. That very much has a place on this list, however, this time I’m going to share some of my must haves for summer to survive, from little hacks to things you may have already heard of. Either way, get comfy, have a coffee and read my tips and tricks to make this summer the most comfortable you’ve had.

Foot Cooling Spray
This can be bought in all sorts of places for all sorts of prices. Honestly some of the best ones I’ve used have been under a fiver. When you have chronic pain or issues with walking, your feet take a beating even just walking a normal route with your normal support. That’s the thing about being a spoonie; one extra factor and life is ten times harder. Personally this year I’ll be using this one from The Body Shop as I was gifted it to test along with a selection of other products. At £6.50 it won’t break the bank but will be that little bit of a treat for your feet. Even in a wheelchair, your feet suffer, and taking care of them especially in the summer is important to keep your circulation going and reduce any pain you can.

Water Bottle
This sounds daft. I know. You don’t need a blog to tell you to own a water bottle. But do you know how much water you’ve had to drink today? When you’re already prone to feeling weak, suffering from migraines or headaches, or generally feeling a bit rough, staying on top of your water intake is really important. It’s worth spending a little bit more on one that will help you keep an eye on intake in some way. There are some brilliant bottles with measurements down the sides but they tend to be both expensive and very heavy when full. So, I’ve bought this one from TeaPigs, which has a clever but simple dot system to help you physically see how much you’ve had to drink. With the bottle being 600ml, it’s not heavy, and the lit is large enough to twist with sore hands. The twisting motions for the dots is also easy on the hands, and brilliant for brain fog. The cold brew samples that come with it are also delicious!

BeYou Patches
I’ve got an upcoming review of BeYou products, which have been brilliant to test, but one of the most versatile of their products in my opinion is the natural pain relief strips (see here). Designed for period pain, I’ve also found that they’re generally awesome to put along any painful area. The backs of my thighs and also along the bend in my spine have become happily acquainted with these long plaster like patches, which leave a lovely “cooling tingle” along the area, and are 0.3mm thick, so no bulge from heat patches… I was a cynic when I first tried them thinking nothing could replace my beloved hot water bottle, but I might just be a convert. Keep an eye out for my upcoming post to find out more.

Tinted Glasses
So many health conditions are linked to eye problems or headaches, and being visually impaired along with my chronic migraine, it’s difficult to find out what works best for everyone. One of the things I have found to be beneficial in the bright sunshine however is tinted lenses. Being VI I already wear glasses so mine are over-glasses that are the kind of shape of safety goggles, just a different colour. What colour is recommended depends on what you need it for, but light filtering that leave you with generally darker – and clearer – vision tend to be somewhere ranging from yellow to brown, colour depending on how strong they are. For migraine, green glasses are the way to go. It’s worth speaking to your local adult social care who will have someone who can advice what is best for you with your specific needs, or maybe an optician once we can get out there again.

Sun Cream and After Sun
Another one that may sound obvious, but you might want to increase the level of protection on your sun cream and still prepare for a bit of redness. Many medications make you more prone to sunburn, and more likely to be susceptible to UV ray absorption. Especially if your medications have changed or increased since last summer, now is the time to be looking at stronger sun cream. There are some brilliant products available that are disabled friendly, such as spray on creams, and even mists, which can be better if you struggle with fatigue; I know speaking for myself that just applying sun cream is enough to wipe me out before I’ve even left the house. Paying more for a sun cream mist meant that last year I was able to put sun cream on AND then still have fun.

I hope this has been helpful; summer can be an intimidating time for some of us, and we need whatever boost we can find from one another. Fingers crossed this is that boost for some of you! Some of the products I mention here I will be reviewing in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out if you’re curious.

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