Exciting – Disabled Focused Reviews!

I’ve very much let this blog slip while my health has been slipping and life has been spinning, but I have some exciting news. Starting very soon, I’ll be starting regular posts with reviews of different companies and products, looking at them from a disability perspective.

I won’t spoil our first surprise, but if, like me, you look at products and wonder how well they would suit your needs – such as mobility and fine motor skill restrictions, visual impairments interfering with usage,  the weight of a product, and many other factors – I’m going to do my best to assess from as many angles as possible.

This is something I’ve wanted to dive into head first for a long time, and I’m really excited to make a start. Keep an eye on my instagram  for updates!

If there’s any product you’ve had your eye on, let me know. Let’s break into the world with our mobility aids, one product at a time.


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