Product Review – Wild Deodorant

Hello and welcome to another disability focused product review! Firstly an absolutely HUGE thank you to Wild (website here) for sending me the free tester kit. Not only is it gorgeous, but the gentle coconut scent of the deodorant is the happiest thing in the world, however daft that might sound. I’m very sensitive to smell due to my chronic migraine, yet this is soft enough to just make me smile, just simply be there.

I came across Wild as a social media advert initially, and after seeing them a few more times, I was curious and preordered one of their sets before they had properly launched. Let me backtrack slightly by saying that along with the chronic migraine, I have sensitive skin that keeps reacting to more and more things (ten different deodorants in six months, and even my bloody wedding ring, for example), difficulty in mobility with easily dislocating joints, and, although it’s not medically related, I also have large boobs, which combined with joints that are irritated when overstretched, this can be quite awkward to work around.

When I contacted Wild about being involved with the product reviews I’m running, they very kindly sent me a set that I could test out from the start, so I could review their product with all of the above factors to consider, and I have been so excited to share this with you. I’ve given it a few weeks, which is suggested with all deodorants, to see how well it functions on my body, and with my body.

Wild set up

I was sent an initial Wild pack which comes with an reuseable case made from recycled plastic (green area seen here, other glorious colourways also available) and aluminium, and a compostable cardboard insert. It’s the world’s first reusable deodorant that has gone as far as to not have plastic inserts, meaning that once you have bought the casing, the only waste you will be left with is cardboard that can be recyclable. You can then buy refills as and when needed, or have them delivered on a schedule to suit you. With this, you can also choose which arrangements of scents you want, between Mint, Bergamot, Rose, Orange and Coconut.

In this photo, you can see here steps one to four, just how simple it is. You pinch the coloured, textured notches on the side, remove the base, place the paper insert on the base, and reassemble. Then you twist the wind up mechanism at the bottom, and you’re away.

It really is that simple.

Product Review
I’ve tried numerous deodorants over the years, like most people. I went from buying the cheapest ones to both wanting to be a bit more ethical in my choices, and also having to act on the changes my body was delighting me with, such as allergic reactions under my arms to every brand I tried. Since then, I’ve tried various environmentally friendly options, but haven’t come across one that works for me for some reason or another, or at least one that has worked in the long term.

Wild is a different matter. Simple to use, with pure ingredients, a fair price and fantastic service when contact is needed. The scents that I’ve tried – everything apart from rose as it tends to trigger my migraines – have been that divine balance between a smell that is present, but also not overwhelming. I’ve also noticed that when I do sweat, I smell the scent I’m using rather than any sweat related smell. It applies smoothly without any lumps, and doesn’t stain clothes.

With each cartridge estimated to last four weeks with daily use, being suitable for pre-teens and teenagers, suitable for vegans and those with gluten allergies, free from aluminum salts, and having been formulated especially to cater to all sorts of skin types… I honestly cannot rave about this enough.

Accessibility Review
Even with shaking hands and awkward hand-eye coordination, this is so easy to assemble and use. I even tried putting it together without my glasses on, and could do it by feel. The parts of the unit are easy to feel and differentiate between. The wind up mechanism at the bottom is easy to operate even with sore hands, and I had no problem with my loose joints with assembly or usage.

Due to my PCOS, endometriosis and fibromyalgia, I can sweat quite a lot and quite heavily when I do. This can be irritating and uncomfortable, not to mention making me very self conscious. I also have C-PTSD and when I have a flashback or panic attack, I sweat heavily during that period of time. It’s made extra difficult because of the stigma of sweating (how strange are we as human beings?) heavily, and not only does this deodorant cope with sweat, it lets off a light scent of the cartridge in the unit as the only point of notice

As I’ve mentioned above, my skin is incredibly sensitive and I’ve reacted to endless deodorants, with it getting progressively worse. Normally my body will tolerate something for a short while of time and then start to react, which is why I’ve deliberately given this a couple of weeks to see how my body would go and…. no reaction. I am both thrilled and shocked.

Final thoughts
Honestly, I can’t find fault with this product. I love it. I genuinely love it. It’s superb at doing its job, but more than that, the environmental and reusable aspect of this is even better. My latest refill pack arrived today – I ordered two coconut and one bergamot to go between me and my son – and once again, I’m thrilled with the fully recyclable packaging and containers. In the last week with it having been warmer, Wild has held up brilliantly. I’ve also had to use a hot water bottle on top of the heat because I’ve got my period (which is enough to make me sweat more as it is), and there’s been no moment at all where I’ve felt either sweaty or smelly.

I didn’t anticipate giving a double five star review this early in to reviewing anything at all but:

Thank you so much to Wild for both their product and their mission. This really is the start of a deodorant revolution!

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